Live on Friday way a perfect end to this summer. It's two days later and I still can't believe I saw the GazettE after a year and a half. All the feels...

Live started with an hour delay, due to poor organization at the doors and people not understanding that less luggage you have the less there is to check, thus faster and smoother entry...

When I got in with two of my friends (we had normal tickets) the goods I wanted were sold out and because the line was to long we just went to left side of the stage. I'm an Aoi fan and they are Reita's.

Finally, the lights went out and the beginning of the live was announced. The crowed went wild with screams and cheers. When the intro, XI started playing anticipation kicked the screams and cheers into a whole new level. And then finally, one after another, members came onto the stage. They were wearing Fadeless clothes (minus Reita's hood and Uruha's hat).  


05. Before I decay
10. Remember the urge
11. Headache Man
13. Filth in the beauty


14. Shiver
16. Linda ~Pinky Heaven Bloody Hell~

When I first saw the set list for Europe I was a bit sceptical because come on where's Ride With the Rockers, Kantou, Psychedelic Heroine and some other harder songs that are a must on their lives, but it surprised me how good Division songs sound live. Energy was high from the start and they really did put on a great show.

When the live started with  Derangement, Ruki shouted 'jump, jump' and we did. Ruki was great, even though I'm Aoi's fangirl I did a 'mistake' of looking over to Ruki and once you do that you are captured by his persona, you just can't look away from his movements. During the dub step parts of the songs Ruki did his doll like movements and of course Ruki wouldn't be Ruki without some pervy moves. He slid his hand down chest and between his legs and crowd went wild with screams. He used the box a lot allowing the crowd to see him better and held a mic out to the crowd to scream or sing along songs. During and at the end of the Headache Man he did his maniacal laugh.

First MC, Ruki greeted us with 'hello Germany' (I guess Munich is hard for him to say...) and introduced the band. In between songs Ruki was firing the crowd up by saying 'Are you ready', but he soon gave up on English and spoke Japanese. Crowed responses were amazing, when he wanted more, we gave him more.

Let's take a moment to talk about Ruki's shoes... they were white high hill shoes with hill and tips of the shoes in neon green-yellow colour that GLOWS under stage lights...

I only noticed Kai after a fifth song or so, when Aoi went across the stage for the first time and I only saw Uruha a couple of times he came to the centre of the stage and during encore when he came to our side. Reita was really into the live, he came to the edge of the stage a lot and head banged a lot.

Now let's talk about Aoi, that perfect being ♥ At first he wasn't his usual cherry self, but he soon got really into the live. He threw his head back a lot, revealing that  perfect neck line that was made to be bitten... banding back while playing his guitar and screaming into his mic. When he got into the live, he started moving more, jumping on the box in front of him and allowing fans on the far left to see him better.

You know how his hair falls around his face and he looks trough his hair all seductive and just slightly smirks... yeah he did that. He was waving to the fans, encouraging us, smiling and smirking. Towards the end of the main part he started throwing kisses and just being himself. I don't remember if he moved his hips or not, but I don't think he did.

I was mesmerized, once again by his guitar playing and his hands. One of the reasons why I love watching him play is because of the little smiles on his face when he is looking down while playing and you can see that this is exactly where he wants to be and doing exactly what he wants to do. I'd like to believe that during Untitled our eyes met for a couple of seconds~

The main part ended with Filth in the Beauty and then they left the stage, Aoi and Reita threw picks into the crowd. My friend was lucky to caught Reita's.

Soon after they left the stage the screams for encore started.

They came out in RAD MAD T-shirts, minus Ruki who wore the same suit as before. Aoi casually came out holding a beer in his hand, smiling. By the encore I ended up in second row and had even better view of Aoi, who was even more into the live, smiling and throwing kisses. When he got his guitar and came to the mic, he wanted to say something but shy away, smiled and stepped back. When we started screaming for him to say something, he waved his hand before his face in no and gave us another shy smile.

Encore started with Shiver and crowed sang along. During Hyena when Ruki and Uruha had one feet up on middle box Ruki put an arm around Uruha and touched his left nipple. Aoi, being Aoi came up behind him and was jumping behind them (kinda like a clown, with his knees out) mocking them. On his way to our side, he put a finger to his lips as in 'don't tell them I did that' before smiling. Sometime during encore Ruki poured water onto the fans and throwing the bottle into the crowd.

Linda was the last song of the live and Aoi clapped his hands like he always does on the side, but didn't move his hips. We did the furi that goes along with Linda and sang along. It was perfect song to end the live, last part of the song Ruki started waving and the fans waved back.

When the time for goodbye came, it seem like they didn't want to leave the stage. Reita threw some picks and held up rock symbol before leaving, I didn't see Kai and Uruha leave. Aoi threw some picks and waved. Ruki was the last to leave, he threw into the crowd all of his water bottles, bowed and left.

It was a great live, with high energy and great fans. I think this time, they got a whole new, better impression of Europe and fans and I really hope it won't take another 6 years for them to come back.

See you soon...

I apologize for any grammar or spelling mistakes.

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