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2013-02-01 08:08 pm
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Quick update

It's been a while, how's everyone? Is there even people who are still using LJ, or is it died? 

Anyway quick update... After a month and a half I finally bought new laptop, it's beyond me how did I survive without it for so long. Anyway my old one served me well for 4 years, I hope this one will to... need to find a name for it xD

I have a theme for my bachelor thesis and it's Social networks in Japan and I will focus on network usage during the great earthquake in March 2011. My goal for this 'study break' I have is to finish at least half of my thesis. Wish me luck. 

Beside that nothing much going one, that one love interest I had is gone now so back to normal...

P.s.: the GazettE have finally turned their words to actions it seems... they are participating in Russian music festival Kaban in August (geographically speaking it's still Asia, but they are getting closer to Europe and with signing with German management I think we will see an EU Tour soon
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2012-11-23 03:22 pm

Post to motivate myself

Last night I saw this... Byou when did you get so defined body? 

Aoi Shoxx Jan 2013
And Aoi this morning... I fall in love with him over and over again ♥

Now I can go study some more, JLPT is only a week away...
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2012-10-12 04:33 pm

The Ruki

RUKI: We see many people coming from Europe to Japan to see us, so
we feel that it’s our turn to visit you now. Have your fingers crossed and thank you always for your support and messages!

(JaMe interview)

Yes dear Ruki we do! And it’s not cheep!!! You have been saying this for years, don’t you think it’s time for some actions?

(RR Eyes 02)
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2012-09-18 01:57 pm
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2012-02-07 03:01 pm

March gig list

Official March gig list:
3rd March 2012 - ScReW
10th March 2012 - GazettE
14th March 2012 - The Microhead 4N's
17th March 2012 - Sadie 

Official because, my friend and I, as of today have tickets to all four gigs (YAY!). There might be some more gigs added on the spot while in Tokyo, but this four are the most important. 

Now all that is left to do is pass another exam and fill in all the exchange program documents. Wish me luck~ 
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2012-01-27 07:03 pm
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GazettE OTP

Aoi: Well, you know! Those kind of special occasions.... -Like a date perhaps? Well, there's lots of other stuff too! But when I do go out to buy clothes for special occasions, I'd ask for Ruki's help.
Credits to: hakitaruntrans

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2012-01-09 09:29 pm
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GazettE @Inazuma Rock Fest

Finally watched GazettE Inazuma Rock Fest performance and I was not impressed. They were scared. I saw them own the huge stage in Dome, they definetly didn't own Inazuma stage. They can do better, so much better. It got better towards the end, but it still wasn't the real GazettE performance.

They were "thrown" into rock festival (they might be synonym for Visual kei, but they aren't synonym for rock yet)  after years of sold out venues of all sizes with fans worshipping the very ground they walk on, for the first time and didn't know what to expect... or have I just grown up in the past month? 

I just hope GazettE being able to fill any venue in Japan isn't the reason why they haven't had another Europe/World tour...

On the bright side I LOVED it when I could hear Aoi sing during Hynea clearly <3.
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2011-12-25 06:58 pm
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the GazettE Tokyo Dome 1st anniversary

 It's been a year since I saw them making history in Tokyo Dome...
and only 2 months and few days before I see them again for their 10th anniversary. 
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2011-11-01 09:59 am
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the GazettE - bringing fans to their knees since 2002

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2011-10-21 09:27 pm
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Just because.


If half of the GazettE fandom would share this kind of attitude there wouldn't be any drama... 
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2011-02-23 07:30 pm

And you call yourself a fan?

Wow.. Thanks to all those who replied to my question. The thought of Aoi being in love with a person is bugging my heart. T.T

by GazeFamily@Twitter

This caught my attention while skipping trough my twitter page. And this person dare to call them self a fan? A true fan would be happy if someone like Aoi or any other would be in love with someone. PEOPLE YOU DON'T OWN THEM, THEY ARE NOT PERFECT, THEY ARE HUMANS LIKE THE REST OF US AND THEY WILL EVENTUALLY FOUND SOMEONE TO BE WITH! Instead of writing hurtful things about their loved ones and comments like the one above, we should support them and be happy for them. 

It was the second time something like this has happened; first time it was after the Pledge PV came out and Aoi and Erina twitted each other I've noticed quite some tweets saying something along the lines of I hate Erina etc.

Why would be so wrong for Aoi to find someone? I can understand we would all be shocked, but to say something hurtful about it just mean and very, very unsupportable. I believe many Aoi fans dreams about being The One for Aoi but lest be honest, the chances of this actually happening are close to zero (beside I don't really see Aoi falling in love with teenage girls. It's illegal and I think he's more of a traditional type of a guy). 

I'm aware of the fact it's Japanese music industry's fault for fans acting this way, saying they own the band and the band members (just remember what happened to Gack's marriage and the whole drama around Miyawi's weeding) but still, it's just childish. If you are a fan support Aoi and the bend trough thick and thin. 
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2010-12-30 03:11 pm


On the 26th of December 2010 was the climax of my trip to Japan and the main reason I went to Japan six months earlier than originally planed, but as a true fan I HAD to be there, supporting one of my all time favourite bands when they were making history. On the sunny Sunday morning I went to see the GazettE TOUR 10 NAMELESS LIBERTY SIX BULLETS FINAL - THE NAMELESS LIBERTY at Tokyo Dome.  Report this way ... )
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2010-09-10 07:19 pm

Tokyo Dome


This is the best birthday present I could ever ask for ^_^
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2010-09-02 04:59 pm


Just saw Miyavi's new PV on youtube (it was in the recommendation box, youtube knows me too well xD). And I love it <3. I was waiting on some new stuff from Miyavi and I love this PV and I can't wait on his album <3
He never fails to surprise with his guitar playing <3 Now my wish to see him live again has grown to an urge xD


GazettE PV preview for RED. OMG I LOVE IT.
Even though there's only a glimpse of Aoi in it he's <3<3<3<3<3<3 and I love Ruki blond again <3. Can't wait for the whole thing <3 and it's just me or are Uruha's hair black or very dark? Please let it be dark he looks sooo good with dark hair.

I apologize for the lack o cut, but I'm way too excited to deal with LJ cut atm. *bows*
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2010-08-27 06:19 pm
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Twitter Quote of the Day

 Twitter Quote of the Day
Translated by: aoitweet_eng

Aoi: I've been told to shut the tap of my pheromones. It's impossible. They overflow of their own accord! mmuaahh(´ε` ) *kisses* 

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2010-08-23 05:13 pm
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I'm sorry Gackt, but Aoi just took your fisrt place on my perfection list

Can he get any more perfect than this? I love this picture (even that dead cheetah he's wearing looks good here xD) and his smile *melts* 


Credits to: [info]wlifers (Neo Genesis vol.47) and [info]rawkstarr23 (NLSG Idol shop photos)
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2010-07-25 01:34 pm
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SHIVER has arrived

 Yesterday when I got home from a family holiday a package was waiting me on my desk. It was from CD Japan, my copy of Shiver regular edition has arrived along with CD Japan gift, poster. 

I love Shiver single all three song are amazing, love Ruki's vocal in them. Just like Shiver all songs are like old GazettE but new (that doesn't make much sense does it ? xD).

Today got shocked by what kind of questions fans send to Aoi on twitter, he got over 100 twitts all asking the same questions when did he lost his virginity and all were send from over seas fans (or so he said). Some fans just don't know where to stop, there are things that are private (no wonder he's afraid of going overseas). *sighs* Fans like that are throwing a bad light on all fans. 
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2010-07-19 07:14 pm
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Random post 19th July 2010

 Spent Friday and Saturday at a local student festival with my friend and it was AWESOME!!!. The bands were amazing this year, perfect mixture of bands that played older rock, punk-rock to younger bands and we really had so much fun (minus the heat and sleeping in a tent xD). We had the most interesting neighbors in camp ( a group of horny teenage guys,but again it's a student festival so ...  x), but moaning and arguing about who will sleep where aside they were amazing and really fun to hang out (one of them was so fascinated in latex; he opened the condom we were given at the entrance along with the ticket and put it on his hand and admired how flexible latex was xD ). All and all I had really great time, didn't sleep much with music till' 5 in the morning and then random ppl were singing in camp and drunk ppl walking around tents in a search of theirs xD. Thinking about going next year as well. 

Today went to the hairdressers to put my Justin Bieber  a.k.a Shetland pony doo xD and got two new ear piercings (well one new and had to redo one). Ordered Shiver (regular edition) and again the shipping cost cosed more than CD itself O.o Still giggling over Aoi's blog post and Tanaka-san (it's a teddy bear or smth similar to it with a pink underwear on his head xD). I also have new Aoi user pic *points* See? Ain't it pretty <3 He has the most gorgeous lips ever, seriously <3

Quote of the day: I'm kneeling with my head hung low (>_<) Please imagine me in that pose^^ (-Aoi twitter, translated by sixth_gun on twitter)
Aoi, don't write stuff like that it's dangerous xD  
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2010-06-02 10:57 am

GazettE Shiver Preview

This just made my morning and day and the whole week xD

 It seems Aoi isn't blond after all xD, and I love Kai's new hair style, Ruki is back to fluffy poodle like hair, he had for Before I Decay and Leech, less fluffy though xD. Reita is lookin' good as usual and I almost didn't recognize Uruha with long curly hair and all. 

I love Shiver so far, it reminds me of their earlier songs <3<3<3. Can't wait to hear the whole song and to get my hands on the promotion material that should come soon I guess xD.